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Amgis使用最新的设备和流程来优化性能和一致性,提供最高质量的环形电源产品。 Amgis使用自动化测试设备,不仅有助于缩短周转时间和成本,还可确保离开我们工厂的最高质量设备。每个单元都通过AMGIS的质量体系和包括UL,CSA和TUV在内的各种机构设定的质量标准,通过制造过程进行仔细检查。


AMGIS的销售,分销,工程和快速原型设施也位于德克萨斯州休斯顿的公司办事处。这使AMGIS能够快速有效地响应客户需求。AMGIS努力在48小时内提供报价,即使是定制设计也是如此。原型由AMGIS的战略合作伙伴快速生产,通常在2周或更短时间内交付。生产数量将在印度或中国大陆的认可工厂生产(Amgis定期向中国派遣工程和管理人员,确保AMGIS保持高质量标准)。运输,货币兑换,与工厂的沟通以及其他耗时且经常令人沮丧的问题都可以代表您轻松高效地处理。AMGIS一般是FOB Houston,TX,除非您另有要求。AMGIS的客户通常会利用AMGIS的托管库存服务在休斯顿地区为他们持有库存,甚至是定制产品(带有坚定的一揽子订单)。AMGIS可以每周或每月发货,以满足您的生产需求为准。


​AMGIS is a power toroidal and high frequency magnetics design and manufacturing company based in Houston, TX. Whether you are designing power supplies, test and measurement instrumentation or a surgical generator for a life sustaining medical device, our engineering team will be there for you. With many years of magnetic design experience, our engineers will design to meet your exact circuit requirement or will innovate a new design to help expand your circuit possibilities.

Using up to date equipment and processes to optimize performance and consistency, Amgis delivers the highest quality toroidal power products. Amgis uses automated testing equipment that not only helps reduce turnaround time and cost, but also ensures the highest quality units leaving our facility. Every unit is meticulously inspected through the manufacturing process using quality standards set by our quality system and various agencies including UL, CSA, and TUV.

Whether the application requires power toroidal transformers, toroidal inductors, commercial or medical isolation toriodal transformers, 3 phase toroidal transformers, auto transformers, high efficiency toroidal transformers for renewable energy, or custom toroidal applications, Amgis has a solution for your needs.

Our high frequency sales, distribution, engineering, and rapid prototyping facilities are also conveniently located at our corporate offices in Houston, TX. This allows the company to respond quickly and efficiently to customer needs. We strive to provide quotations within 48 hours, even for custom designs. Prototypes are produced rapidly by our strategic partners, generally delivered in 2 weeks or less. Production quantities will be manufactured in approved factories within India or mainland China (Amgis routinely sends engineering and administrative personnel to China, assuring our high quality standards are maintained). Shipping, currency exchange, communication with the factory, and other time consuming and often frustrating issues are handled easily and efficiently on your behalf. We always quote FOB Houston, TX, unless you request otherwise. Our customers will often utilize our managed inventory services to hold stock for them at the Houston location, even custom products (with firm blanket orders). We can ship weekly or monthly, whichever suits your production needs.

Amgis takes great pride in providing exceptional customer service and economical, high quality products. We invite you to put us to task and look forward to serving all your high frequency magnetics, PC mount toroidal or miniature 50/60Hz transformers, and linear or switching power supplies.

We utilize the finest materials available and manufacture in modern, state-of-the-art ISO-9000 certified facilities.


AMGIS 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!
AMGIS 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!
AMGIS 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!


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AMGIS 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!
AMGIS 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!