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API Delevan

API Delevan

API Delevan是线圈绕组技术的专业制造商,提供业内最高可靠性的产品。我们的血统建立在航空航天和国防市场,创新的解决方案,高可靠性和高性能是成功的关键。

自API Delevan公司于1947年开业以来,作为美国电感器,功率电感器,射频线圈,扼流圈和变压器制造商的不断发展,一直是API Delevan的骄傲。API Delevan已经完成了这项工作,部分原因是为您的挑战性电路设计提供定制解决方案。API Delevan的产品旨在满足最高质量标准,API Delevan的MIL-PRF-39010认证证明了“R”故障率。世界上没有其他公司保持这一最高行业标准,而且它的测试单位时间超过2.5亿。

API Delevan团队专注于工程社区所需的四大支柱:原型服务 - API Delevan在数小时或数天内提供解决方案,而不是数周或数月。尺寸最小 - 今天的解决方案,无论是组件还是垂直集成设计,都必须满足小型化的需求。最高性能 - 我API Delevan承诺提供比业内任何其他制造商更好的电气和机械性能。最低成本 - API Delevan通过坚持每日改善和精益生产活动,以最低成本实现最高质量的结果,生产单件流,同时消除浪费。

API Delevan以开发特定应用的解决方案而闻名,这些解决方案符合行业最高质量标准,适用于各个细分市场中的各种产品。除了API Delevan每年生产的5000万标准产品外,40%的业务可归功于其工程师提供的定制设计。

工程师设计解决方案是定制设计的基石,API Delevan坚持倾听并与客户合作,这些都是API Delevan业务这一非常重要因素的持续成功。API Delevan发展的关系是长期存在且相互奖励的关系。

API Delevan已建立的可靠性计划已累计超过2.5亿小时的寿命测试。除了提供具有60多年累积经验的工程人员外,API Delevan还拥有现代化的环境实验室,测试能力和研发部门。 API Delevan认为,价值不仅来自质量,还来自于足智多谋。

API Delevan is a specialty manufacturer of coil winding technologies, offering the highest reliability products in the industry. Our pedigree was founded in the Aerospace and Defense markets, where innovative solutions, high reliability and performance are key to success.

From the day our company opened for business in 1947, our continuous growth as a U.S. manufacturer of inductors, power inductors, rf coils, chokes and transformers has been a great source of pride. We have accomplished this, in part, by providing custom solutions for your challenging circuit designs. Our products are designed to meet the highest quality standards as evidenced by the accreditation of our MIL-PRF-39010, “R” failure rate. No other company in the world maintains this highest industry standard, and it is back by over 250 million test unit hours.

The API Delevan team focuses on four pillars required by the engineering community: Prototype Services – We offer solutions in hours or days, not weeks or months. Smallest Size – Today’s solutions, whether components or vertically integrated designs, must meet the needs of miniaturization. Highest Performance – We promise to deliver better electrical & mechanical performance than any other manufacturer in the industry. Lowest Cost – We realize the highest quality result at the lowest cost by adhering to daily Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing activities, producing one piece flow while simultaneously eliminating waste.

API Delevan has a reputation for developing application specific solutions in compliance with the industry’s highest quality standards for an extraordinarily broad variety of products in every market segment. In addition to the 50 million standard products we manufacture every year, 40% of our business can be attributed to the custom designs our engineers provide.

Engineer to engineer solutions are the bedrock of custom designs, and our insistence on listening to, and working with, our customers accounts for the on-going success of this very important element of our business. The relationships we develop have been long-standing and mutually rewarding ones which we highly value.

Our Established Reliability Program has accumulated over 250 million hours of life testing. In addition to making available an engineering staff with over six decades of accrued experience, API maintains a modern environmental lab, testing capabilities and a R&D department. API Delevan believes value comes not just with quality, but also with resourcefulness.


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API Delevan 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!
API Delevan 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!