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Brooks Instrument 不仅仅是一家流量计制造商。 作为流量技术的领先供应商,Brooks Instrument 提供世界上最全面的精密流量控制和流量测量设备系列。 探索高性能仪器,从质量流量控制器到转子流量计,只有 Brooks Instrument 才能提供专业知识和服务支持。

Brooks Instrument是值得信赖的合作伙伴,因为Brooks Instrument的流量,压力和汽化仪器非常准确,它很可靠,稳定,重复,耐用。它经过十年,十年,在最苛刻的工业和电子制造系统中逐年被证明。它不断融入创新技术,将测量和控制技术提升到新的灵活性和精确度。

Brooks Instrument是世界上最大的质量流量控制器安装基地;全球半导体行业最值得信赖的质量流量技术供应商之一。

Brooks Instrument拥有150多项有效专利,因此我们的产品组合融合了基础流体测量和控制技术的多项专利技术。

UNIT Instruments,Tylan和Celerity等创新公司是开发MFC技术以及压力测量和控制技术的先驱,现在已成为Brooks Instrument产品广泛系列的一部分。

许多Brooks Instrument产品都具有国家实验室校准可追溯性和认证,公认的危险区域认证,压力边界认证,材料认证等。

Brooks Instrument的设备性能完全符合技术和应用专业知识。Brooks Instrument的仪表工程师和应用专家致力于解决实际的过程挑战。它们可以帮助您选择和配置流量,压力和真空设备的最佳组合,从而将您的系统和流程的性能和结果(产量,产量等)提升到新的水平。

然后,我们通过不断增长的全球工厂认证服务和校准中心网络,在这些产品的运行生命周期内为这些产品提供支持,随时关注您的Brooks Instrument设备,并尽可能保持您的正常运行时间。

自1946年以来,作为一家仪器公司,Brooks Instrument凭借突破性的流体测量和控制技术成为市场的领导者。

Brooks Instrument的母公司:ITW
Brooks Instrument是财富200强公司ITW(Illinois Tool Works)的一个部门。 ITW是世界领先的专业工业设备,消耗品和相关服务业务的多元化制造商之一。该公司已经繁荣了100多年,因为ITW的每个企业都具有独立的企业家精神和创新自由。这是全世界ITW的高素质人才,他们通过新产品和客户驱动的解决方案推动我们的成功。

Brooks Instrument is more than a flow meter manufacturer. As the leading supplier of flow technology, we offer the world’s most comprehensive line of precision flow control and flow measurement devices. Explore high-performance instruments, from mass flow controllers to rotameters, supported by expertise and service only found at Brooks Instrument.

Brooks Instrument is a trusted partner because our flow, pressure and vaporization instrumentation is more than accurate. It is reliable. Stable. Repeatable. Durable. It’s proven year after year, decade after decade, in the most demanding industrial and electronic manufacturing systems. It continuously incorporates innovations that move measurement and control technology to new levels of flexibility and precision.

World’s largest installed base of mass flow controllers; one of the most trusted suppliers of mass flow technology to the global semiconductor industry.
Brooks holds over 150 active patents, so our product portfolio incorporates multiple patented advances in fundamental fluid measurement and control technology.
Innovative companies such as UNIT Instruments, Tylan, and Celerity, pioneers in developing MFC technology as well as pressure measurement and control technology, are now part of the broad family of Brooks products.
Many Brooks products are available with national laboratory-calibration traceability and certification, recognized hazardous area approvals, pressure boundary certifications, material certifications and more.
Focused expertise
The performance of our devices is fully matched by our technical and application expertise. Our instrumentation engineers and application specialists focus on solving real-world process challenges. They can help you select and configure the optimum combination of flow, pressure and vacuum devices that raise the performance and results (yield, throughput, etc.) of your systems and processes to new levels.

We then support those products through their operational lifetime through a growing global network of factory-certified service and calibration centers, ready to care for your Brooks devices and keep your uptime levels as high as possible.

Decades of innovation
Since 1946, starting as a single instrumentation company, Brooks Instrument has been a leader in the market with groundbreaking fluid measurement and control technologies. Explore our history.

Our parent: ITW
Brooks Instrument is a division of ITW (Illinois Tool Works), a Fortune 200 company. ITW is one of the world’s leading diversified manufacturers of specialized industrial equipment, consumables and related service businesses. The company has prospered for over 100 years because each of ITW’s businesses has an independent entrepreneurial spirit and freedom to innovate. It’s the highly talented people at ITW all over the world who drive our success through new products and customer-driven solutions.


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BROOKS INSTRUMENT 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!
BROOKS INSTRUMENT 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!