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C&K 成立于 1928 年, 是世界上最值得信赖的高品质机电开关品牌之一。C&K 的卓越的定制设计能力, 受全球需要可靠的开关性能的设计工程师所认可。C&K 拥有超过 55,000 种标准产品和 850 万个开关组合, 提供给各设计、制造和分销电子产品的公司。C&K 的产品包括轻触开关、按动开关、微动开关、钮子开关、跷板开关、检测开关、拨码开关、按键开关、导引开关、旋转开关、滑动开关、钥匙开关、指轮开关、智能卡读卡器、高可靠性连接器和定制部件, 可应用于汽车、工业、物联网、可穿戴设备、医疗、电信、消费品、航空航天和 POS 终端。C&K 的总部位于美国马萨诸塞州牛顿市。在美国牛顿市、法国多尔和中国惠州都设有全球设计中心。

C&K 致力于为客户提供领先的技术, 并通过质量和生产设备的改进提高产品性能和可靠性。C&K 引领​​着设计和制造微小型轻触开关的产业; 汽车级产品零 PPM 瑕疵制造能力; 在欧洲、北美和亚洲, 具备完善测试设施的最先进的设计中心; 航天应用的高可靠性连接器和智能卡互连设备的专业供应商。C&K 具有可扩展从原型设计生产到批量生产的灵活制造能力。再加上世界一流的机械加工、精密高速冲压、塑料和橡胶成型、表面电镀和包覆成型, C&K 可提供从引线和线束, 到完整的前面板组件的广泛的增值解决方案。

作为一家 ISO9001 认证的公司, C&K 致力通过不断完善和无瑕疵的性能令客户完全满意, 其中包括: 高百分比的自动装配、持续的培训计划、内部审计小组、Six-Sigma 设计方法、过程能力分析、统计过程控制和供应商质量的举措。

C&K 是一家客户至上的企业, 公司以有竞争力的价格提供卓越的支持, 灵活性和解决方案来建立它的声誉。无论是标准、专用或定制的产品或设计, C&K 都能以高成本效益的产品来满足所有应用的特定要求。

C&K Components is a leader in interface and switch technology as well as smart card and high reliability connector products.  C&K Components offers more than 55,000 unique part numbers that are built, priced and delivered as standard catalog items.  C&K products include: low profile tactile switches, navigation switches, detect switches, pushbutton switches, rotary, switchlock and key switches, slide switches, toggle switches, DIP, illuminated switches, and sealed switches.

Founded in 1928, C&K is one of the world’s most trusted brands of high-quality electromechanical switches. The company’s unmatched custom design capabilities are recognized globally by design engineers who demand reliable switch performance. C&K offers more than 55,000 standard products and 8.5 million switch combinations to companies that design, manufacture and distribute electronics products. Used in automotive, industrial, IoT, wearables, medical, telecom, consumer products, aerospace, and POS terminals, C&K products include tactile, pushbutton, snap-acting, toggle, rocker, detect, DIP, keyswitch, navigation, rotary, slide, switchlock, thumbwheel, smart card readers, high-rel connectors and custom assemblies. C&K is headquartered in Newton, Mass. with global design centers in Newton Mass., Dole France, and Huizhou China.


C&K is committed to providing customers with leading edge technology, and improving product performance and reliability through quality and production facility enhancements. C&K leads the industry in the design and manufacturing of micro miniature tactile switches; zero ppm defect manufacturing capability on all automotive grade products; and state-of-the-art design centers in Europe, North America and Asia, with complete in-house testing facilities in each region; and is a specialty supplier of high reliability space connectors and smart card interconnect devices. C&K offers flexible manufacturing capable of scaling production from prototype design through volume production. Coupled with world class machining, precision high speed stamping, plastic and rubber molding, surface plating and overmolding, the company also offers a wide range of value-added solutions, from wire leads and harnesses to complete front panel assemblies.

As an ISO 9001-registered company, C&K strives for complete customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and defect-free performance by means of a high percentage of automated assembly, ongoing training programs, internal audit teams, Six-Sigma design methodology, process capability analysis, statistical process control and supplier quality initiatives.

C&K has built its reputation as being a customer first organization, providing superior support, flexibility and solutions at competitive prices. Whether it’s a standard, special or custom product or design, C&K will deliver a cost-effective engineered product for all application-specific requirements.


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