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• 具有高标准性能和强竞争力的性价比,用于空调和冷冻机组的使用参数进行控制的标准电子式控制器。
• 在外形尺寸、输出/输入接口数、功能,规格和外观设计等方面满足客户的需求,用于空调和冷冻机组的可编程电子控制器。高端的CAREL卡乐控制器通过CAREL Modbus®, BACnetTM,TCP/IP, SNMP, Metasys®, LonWorks® (Echelon®)和Trend 协议可以整合到楼宇控制系统中(BMS)。
• 功能强大的高性价比的一系列电子膨胀阀EEVs。
• 用于各种应用环境的等温型和绝热型加湿器,卫生安全,可有效节能。
• 用于本地或远程监控和修改CAREL控制器参数的监视、远程维护的监控系统。记录和管理报警,为大型空调机组或冷冻机组提供简单和安全的解决方案。CAREL的解决方案专为冷水机组、压缩机群组、陈列柜、多元复合展柜、冷藏库、气调库、风幕、空气处理机组、屋顶机机组和空调机组特别设计;在世界范围内被HVAC/R行业内的知名的OEM制造商和工程安装者所广泛使用。

CAREL is a world leader in control solutions for air-conditioning, refrigeration and heating, and systems for humidification and evaporative cooling.

We design our products to bring energy savings and reduce the environmental impact of machinery and systems.
Our solutions are used in commercial, industrial and residential applications.


We recognize environmental issues as a corporate priority
Francesco Nalini, CAREL Group Managing Director

Our mission of high efficiency solutions summarises the model that CAREL has adopted, both the starting point and the final objective that enclose the entire process, from conception to production and marketing of our systems. 
As an innovative consultant and technological partner, CAREL anticipates market requirements, proposing energy efficient solutions that guarantee the highest performance.
Continual improvement is our modus operandi, the process that allows us to achieve a certain standard without this ever representing a limit, rather progressively exceeding it and subsequently defining another at a higher level.
Research, innovation and technology are the keys to our success: for more than forty years, customer needs have been the at the centre of our design work, so as to offer elements of differentiation in terms of both functions and appearance. 
The Group's strength lies in integration between different contexts; its overall vision, wide-ranging experience and skills allow us to go beyond the boundaries of individual products and represent a single partner capable of identifying integrated solutions.
Innovation as a business model

Research & Development are the heart of our commitment. A total of 7% of consolidated sales is reinvested in Research & Development, in order to anticipate customer needs and supply advanced solutions. A further 3% of sales is regularly invested in production process technology, so as to ensure ongoing improvement and growth. CAREL also operates two research laboratories, one focused on thermodynamics and the other on humidification, true points of excellence in their respective fields.
Out of the Group's more than 1,100 staff, 18% are employed in Research & Development, a number that reaches almost 25% when considering the designers and technical personnel working at our Italian headquarters. Moreover, 55% of all our employees are university graduates, with an average age of 37, confirming our continuous investments in human resources, above all young people, going against the norm both nationally and internationally.
Training is another area where we devote significant resources (6,500 hours in 2013), applied to all areas of the company with the aim of developing our personnel, both in terms of soft skills and technical competencies.
Endless reliability

Our responsibility towards our customers goes well beyond the value of our sales. The products we develop are in fact components that account for approximately 2 to 10% of the value of our customers' finished products, depending on the application 
Moreover, being components that are difficult to source elsewhere, we have adopted a disaster recovery system that involves at least two production sites for the majority of our products. This means we can guarantee the supply of our components even in extreme situations.

The taste of natural growth

Founded in 1973, CAREL in 2015 has consolidated sales of 203,5 million euros (12,8% more than in 2014). Around 80% of sales are from exports, through an extensive sales and customer support network. Specifically, we have operations in the Americas (North, Central and South), Asia Pacific, Africa and Europe; we have 18 fully-owned subsidiaries and 7 production sites, in addition to partners and distributors in a further 75 countries.
We serve more than 4,000 customers, with 6,200 active products and annual production of more than 7 million units. 


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CAREL 供应商 免费推广 您也可以在此展示,免费!
CAREL 供应商 免费推广 您也可以在此展示,免费!


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CAREL 供应商 免费推广 您也可以在此展示,免费!
CAREL 供应商 免费推广 您也可以在此展示,免费!