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Connor-Winfield Corporation是一家私营的美国电子产品制造商。 Connor-Winfield成立于1963年,主要致力于设计和制造石英基定时电路和振荡器,用于各种电子应用。在20世纪90年代,Connor-Winfield扩展到其他产品领域,同时继续关注其核心时序根源。


在Connor Winfield,我们的政策是以诚实和道德的方式开展我们的商业事务。该目标要求组织中的每个人承担责任,以促进诚信并在我们的所有活动中展示最高水平的道德行为。应避免可能对Connor-Winfield的声誉或诚信产生不利影响的活动。实现Connor-Winfield的业务目标和遵守本准则的关键是做出良好的判断。这意味着遵循法律,做“正确”的事情,并且即使法律或内部政策不具体,也要符合道德标准。

本准则适用于Connor Winfield及其所有地区的子公司和分支机构的所有员工,管理人员和董事。它基于公司的核心价值观,良好的商业惯例和遵守适用法律。


Connor Winfield Corp.致力于通过持续测量,审查和改进我们的产品,服务以及质量管理体系的有效性,满足所有客户的要求并提高客户满意度。 “我们的客户通过优质产品,及时交付和卓越服务赢得了胜利。”

The Connor-Winfield Corporation is a privately held, US based electronic product manufacturer. After incorporation in 1963, Connor-Winfield focused primarily on designing and manufacturing quartz based timing circuits and oscillators for use in a wide variety of electronics applications. In the 1990's, Connor-Winfield expanded into other product areas while maintaining a continued focus on its core timing roots.

Connor-Winfield's frequency control products are used in a wide variety of applications including telecommunications, LAN and WAN products, computer, and other microprocessor and electronic equipment. We specialize in designing custom and semi-custom frequency control products but also offer a broad line of standard oscillator products and non-crystal based oscillators.

At Connor Winfield, it is our policy to conduct our business affairs honestly and in an ethical manner. That goal requires each individual in the organization to accept responsibility to promote integrity and demonstrate the highest level of ethical conduct in all of our activities. Activities that may adversely impact our reputation or integrity should be avoided. The key to achieving our business goal and complying with this Code is exercising good judgment. This means following the law, doing the "right" thing, and acting ethically even when the law or internal policy is not specific.

This Code applies to all employees, officers and Directors of Connor Winfield and its subsidiaries and branches in all locations.It is based on the Company's core values, good business practices and compliance with applicable law.

Managers set an example for other employees and are often responsible for directing the actions of others. Every manager and supervisor is expected to take necessary actions to ensure compliance with this Code, to provide guidance and assist employees in resolving questions concerning the Code and to permit employees to express any concerns regarding compliance with this Code. No one has the authority to order another employee to act contrary to this Code.

Connor Winfield Corp. is committed at all levels to meeting all customer requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through the continual measurement, review and improvement of our products, services, and the effectiveness of the quality management system. "Our Customers Win through Quality Products, Timely Delivery, and Superior Service."

We believe that quality begins well before our products are ever assembled. By maintaining our ISO 9001 Quality System certification, continuous improvement to our processes is a commitment we make to constantly go beyond the expectations of our customers. For us, quality is not just a technique or system, it is an all encompassing and uncompromising philosophy to produce products that not only precisely meet our customers' quality requirements, but also surpass them in every way.

Some of our models are supplied to us by non-US-based manufacturing partners. These products are covered by our normal warranty, but they are not included in the scope of our quality system which is limited to products we design and manufacture directly. Our non-US manufacturing partners operate quality systems conforming to the ISO 9001 standard and we rely on them to manufacture quality products meeting advertised product specifications. You can tell these products by the term "Low Cost" in the Keyword column on our website product finder search results, and by the non-US country of origin designation on the shipping documents accompanying the products.


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CONNOR WINFIELD 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!
CONNOR WINFIELD 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!