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-符合2014/34 / EC的ATEX认证






-压力范围高达1000 bar的压力传感器



At the location Remscheid our Center of Competence Honsberg guarantees quality products in the area of measuring and monitoring technology since 1963. Our products measure and monitor flow, level, pressure and temperature. Hereby we convince the market in many branches and applications: Spanning from wastewater treatment plants to diesel engines, hardening facilities, compressors and construction machines to machine tools, paper and print machines, to cooling systems. In all those branches and applications customers rely on our quality products. To satisfy the high diversity of requirements we develop tailored solutions for our customer-specific applications in our own research and development department. We manufacture our measuring products in accordance with the highest quality standards in our own production facility in Remscheid. There are good reasons why high-quality workmanship, the best materials and constantly high measuring accuracy are amongst the virtues of our measuring devices and likewise durability and robustness in aggressive environment. It is precisely the harsh conditions at the point of use of our customers that our quality instruments must withstand sustainably. After all, this is exactly what we have developed, manufactured and tested them for.

Core Competencies

Field of Competence

- technology made in Germany: Proven for decades by millions of installations in the marketplace
- used worldwide in many mechanical engineering industries
- precise and robust, standing up to even the harshest environments
- ATEX-Certification according to 2014/34/EC
- cutting-edge cell production guarantees short delivery times for high and low quantities 


- designs that are tailored to each application result to minimum pressure losses
- exceptional versatility thanks to extra wide dynamic viscosity range
- focusing on one supplier due to an extensive product range with a wide variety of measuring principles
- patented, one-of-a-kind diaphragm measuring principle with great dynamics at minimum pressure loss
- special-purpose solutions for high temperature and pressure levels, high flow rates, narrow switching ranges and difficult installation situations


- scores of different solutions thanks to a vast selection of electronic and mechanical principles for level meter and level switch
- practical testing under extreme usage conditions
- thermal level monitoring for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries


- pressure transducers for pressure ranges up to 1000 bar
- integrated electronic transducers with and without display
- differential pressure sensors with high one-sided overload resistance
- pressure transmitters for applications in medical technology


- temperature transmitters with and without display
- temperature sensors for hygienic applications
- excess lengths and special lengths available


HONSBERG 供应商 免费推广 您也可以在此展示,免费!
HONSBERG 供应商 免费推广 您也可以在此展示,免费!
HONSBERG 供应商 免费推广 您也可以在此展示,免费!


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HONSBERG 供应商 免费推广 您也可以在此展示,免费!
HONSBERG 供应商 免费推广 您也可以在此展示,免费!