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IRISO是汽车市场连接器开发的领先公司,从CarAV和Car electronics开始。自1966年以来的五十多年,IRISO一直致力于发展电子领域。近年来,IRISO扩大了产品开发范围,将培育的技术应用到工业市场,包括机床,工业工具,智能电网,电信设备和医疗设备等。IRISO也大大拓展了市场消费者设备,包括信息和通信,OA和视频设备等。



IRISO Electronics Co.,Ltd。于1966年12月16日在川崎市Shimo-Numabe成立。IRISO的第一个客户是位于埼玉县Iruma郡的Iriso(现在的Sayama市)村的公司。因此,IRISO决定在该村庄之后命名我们公司,以便我们永远不会忘记我们对客户的欠款,以及接收订单的快感。随后,装配工作开始于公寓房内的一个临时“工厂”,员工不到10人。七年后,在1973年4月,IRISO开发了我们的第一个专利产品。基于该引脚开发的技术,IRISO为成为当今的通用连接器制造商铺平了道路。目前,IRISO已将业务扩展到全球12个地区。IRISO的目标是成为一家真正的全球性公司,我们将继续扩大业务,同时始终将客户满意度作为首要任务,建立解决从研发,制造到分销的一切基础。

Iriso的连接器在内饰车辆设备市场中享有很高的赞誉。由于其可靠性,对Iriso连接器的需求在数字设备,FA / OA设备和其他市场中也在增长。与此同时,其他市场也在不断发展,成为电子行业创新技术的聚集地。 Iriso在这个市场中培育的技术对于增长至关重要,它们成为引入新想法和灵感的引擎。在这两个市场中全面应用这些技术使我们能够开展高度专业化和可靠的业务。我们相信这种增长策略可以让我们与客户共同前进。

IRISO is the leading company in the development of connectors in the automobile market, beginning with CarAV and Car electronics. For more than fifty years since 1966, IRISO has continued to devote ourselves faithfully to developing the field of electronics. In recent years, we expanded the range of our product development, applying the technology we had fostered to the industrial market, including machine tools, industrial tools, Smart Grid, telecommunication equipment and medical equipment, etc. IRISO has also greatly expanded into the market of consumer equipment, including information and communication, OA and video equipment, etc.

We have been focusing our attention on the development of products that are easy to use, as well as easy to operate, not to mention offering products that are highly reliable. IRISO has been developing all kinds of products, responding to the needs of the customers, as in the development of products which are additions to the ESD mechanism.

In May, 2007, on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of our founding, IRISO completed the building of the IRISO Technology Park in Shin-Yokohama, as the "core base" for the research and development of new products and new technology that focused on future growth. This park comes with a laboratory and a showroom with cutting-edge equipment, in addition to our products. IRISO has also been aggressively bringing about the globalization of our production base, as seen in the newly established factory in Vietnam, the third one abroad, following those in Shanghai and the Phillipines. In close cooperation with production, marketing, technology and management, we will continue to offer solutions related to "connections".

It all started with a pin!
IRISO Electronics Co., Ltd. was established on December 16, 1966 in Shimo-Numabe, Kawasaki City. Our very first customer was a company located in the village of Iriso (presently Sayama City) in Iruma-gun, Saitama Prefecture. We therefore decided to name our company after that village so we would never forget how much we owed to the customer, as well as the thrill of receiving that order. Assembly work subsequently began at a makeshift “factory” inside an apartment room, with less than ten employees. Seven years later, in April 1973, IRISO developed our first proprietary product a pin. Based on the technology for that pin’s development, IRISO paved the way to becoming the general connector manufacturer we are today. At present, IRISO have expanded our operations to 12 regions throughout the world. Aiming to become a truly global company, we continue to expand our business while making customer satisfaction our first priority at all times, setting up bases that tackle everything from R&D and manufacturing to distribution.

Growth Strategy
Developing innovative products using proprietary technologies,and working to open up new markets
Iriso’s connectors enjoy high acclaim in the interior vehicle device market. Thanks to their reliability, the demand for Iriso connectors is growing in digital equipment, FA/OA devices, and other markets as well. Meanwhile, other markets are evolving ever-faster, becoming a gathering place for innovative technologies of the electronics industry. Iriso’s technologies cultivated in this market are essential for growth, and they become the engine for bringing about new ideas and inspirations. Applying those technologies across the board in both markets enables us to carry out highly specialized and reliable business. We believe that this growth strategy allows us to move forward with our customers.


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IRISO 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!
IRISO 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!