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L.L. Rowe

L.L. Rowe

TE L.L.Rowe 拓展了军用级产品目录,现在包括:定制互连、传感器、密封连接器、船体穿透器、电缆组件、模型制品、船用配电板、便携式网桥控制和船舶照明。

最近,TE 收购了 L.L.Rowe,我们得以将产品范围覆盖到 Navel 海上系统 (NAVSEA) 图纸和军用标准规格。 L.L.Rowe 产品依据客户要求制造,包含在 MIL-HBK-940(标准电气符号列表)中。如有需要,我们能够设计和制造符合美国海军潜艇安全 (SUBSAFE) 质量保证计划要求的产品。除了工程和设计能力外,我们还提供焊接、成型和最终装配。应用包括耐压连接解决方案、传感器和照明以及用于板载配电板、控制面板和便携式网桥控制的子系统。 测试程序超过 NAVSEA 检查要求。 环境测试至少根据 MIL-STD-810(包括适当情况下的 2000 psi 水压测试能力)实施。 

TE L.L.Rowe 提供一系列根据客户要求、NAVSEA 图纸和最新军用标准规格的产品。我们的许多产品都可以在 MIL-HBK-940 标准电气符号列表中找到。除了基于标准的产品外,我们还能为提供定制设计,以满足单一到成千上万的独特需求。

TE L.L.Rowe 船舶面板目录
L.L.Rowe 的通信面板适合各种船舶控制、测试和转换应用。这些面板旨在提供照明、通信、应急和电源等船舶系统的接入和测量。

TE L.L.Rowe 船体连接器和压头
L.L.Rowe 创造了单船体、多船体和多针连接器和母端,适用于几乎所有类型的美国潜艇。每个连接器均受经过 Monel 500 棒材化学和物理认证的计算机控制。船体连接器依照客户要求的规格、时效硬化制造,并通过了一系列的非破坏性试验。密封的连接器采用环氧树脂成型或玻璃金属结构,用于数据和电力互连。

TE L.L.Rowe 船舶照明
L.L.Rowe 能够提供适用于各种系统(包括导航、信号和警示灯)的船舶照明。所有灯泡均依照 MIL-L-24560 潜艇规格制造,并裹有菲涅尔灯罩,以抵御海洋环境的磨蚀和污渍。照明产品包括泛光灯、手提灯、桅灯和右舷灯。

TE's L.L. Rowe expanded catalog of military-grade products now includes custom interconnects, sensors, hermetic connectors, hull penetrators, cable assemblies, molded parts, shipboard electrical panels, portable bridge controls, and shipboard lighting.

With TE's recent acquisition of L.L. Rowe, we have expanded our offering of Navel Sea Systems (NAVSEA) drawings and military standards specifications. Manufactured to customer requirements, L.L. Rowe products are included in the MIL-HBK-940, Standard Electrical Symbol List. Where required, we design and manufacture products that comply with the U.S. Navy’s Submarine Safety (SUBSAFE) quality assurance program. In addition to our engineering and design capabilities, we offer welding, molding, and final assembly. Applications include pressure-resistant connectivity solutions, sensors and lighting, and Subsystems for on-board electrical panels, control panels and portable bridge controls.  Testing procedures exceed NAVSEA inspection requirements.  Environmental tests are, at a minimum, performed in accordance with MIL-STD-810, which includes, where appropriate, the capability for hydrostatic testing to 2000 psi. 

TE's L.L. Rowe offers a range of products manufactured to customer requirements, NAVSEA drawings and to the latest military standard specifications. Many of our products can be found in MIL-HBK-940, Standard Electrical Symbol List. Beyond our standards-based products, we can provide you with custom designs to fit unique needs, in quantities from one to thousands.

TE's L.L. Rowe Marine Panel Catalog
L.L. Rowe's communication panels fit a variety of marine control, testing and switching applications. The panels are designed to provide access and measurement of marine systems such as lighting, communications, emergency and power supply.

TE's L.L. Rowe Hull Connectors and Penetrators
L.L. Rowe has created single hull, multiple hull and multi-pin connectors and receptacles for virtually every class of the U.S. submarines. Each connector is machined under computer control from chemically and physically certified Monel 500 bar stock. The hull connectors are made to customer specifications, age hardened and are put through a series of non destructive testing. Connectors are hermetically sealed are available in epoxy molded or glass-to-metal configurations for data and power interconnects.

TE's L.L. Rowe Marine Lighting
L.L. Rowe offers marine lighting for a variety of systems including navigation, signal, and warning lights. All lights are manufactured to MIL-L-24560 submarine specifications and are enclosed by a fresnel globe to withstand sea abrasion and discoloration. Lighting products include flood lights, hand lanterns, masthead lights and starboard lights.

TE's L.L. Rowe Marine Cable Assemblies and Molded Parts
L.L. Rowe manufactures marine cable assemblies to met specific needs of customers. Cable assemblies meet MIL-C-24231 standards and can be customized for cable type, length, plug style and number of conductors. Each assembly is tested for electrical performance.

TE's L.L. Rowe Water Sensing Electrodes
L.L. Rowe water sensing electrodes are designed for NAVSEA-grade snorkel applications including new generation and symbol 3007. They also serve for missile, torpedo tubes, ballasts and other special applications.

The submersible electronic limit switch is a connectorized, stainless steel, hemertically sealed, pressure-proof cube. It includes internal components such as a linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) and the interfacing LVDT signal conditioning printed circuit board (PCB).
- Two independent channels capable of monitoring two sepereate actions or to provide redundancy for a single action
- Uses LVDT in concert with interfacing circuitry for each channel to sense the proximity of an external ferrous pellet
- Ferrous pellet is encased in a stainless steel probe for stregth, a means of attachment, and corrision prevention


L.L. Rowe 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!
L.L. Rowe 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!
L.L. Rowe 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!

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L.L. Rowe 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!
L.L. Rowe 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!