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Marzocchi Pompe(马佐基泵业股份有限公司)是一家专门从事高品质外啮合齿轮泵和马达的设计、生产和销售的公司。Marzocchi Pompe成立于1961年,至今仍由Marzocchi家族掌控,董事会成员Adiriano(主席)和Paolo兄弟正是工厂的创建者Marzocchi兄弟二人的后代。

Marzocchi Pompe公司是一家行业领先的制造商,毫无疑问,Marzocchi Pompe的名字已经成为了值得信赖和高品质的代名词。Marzocchi Pompe专注于微型液压行业,同时我们的产品线在排量、法兰、转轴和油口的选择上也能够满足所有符合市场标准的需求。

除此之外,为了满足来自于市场和客户的新的需求, Marzocchi Pompe公司在产品的创新和研发上从未间断,比如低噪音和节能的产品 。

Marzocchi Pompe的全部产品都只在意大利生产,作为卓越品质的代名词,我们对于使用MADE IN ITALY标志深感自豪。

Marzocchi Pompe一直以来都把提高管理和产品的质量当作企业首要的战略目标。

如果没有坚持不懈追求卓越品质的努力,Marzocchi Pompe也不可能取得像今天这样的一个全方位自主生产的市场领导者的地位。


Marzocchi Pompe公司产品均已通过ISO9000质量认证,同时Marzocchi Pompe自己的汽车制造业务产品也计划通过ISO TS质量认证。

Marzocchi Pompe一直以来非常重视产品的研发工作,不断创新和开拓产品线,同时也非常重视根据客户的要求来订制相关产品。这些工作不仅需要有着高超技艺的人力,也要有精良的设备。Marzocchi Pompe的产品研发部门使用了最复杂的产品设计软件和液体流动模拟装置。除此之外,Marzocchi Pompe的实验室还配备了研发检验即将要投入市场的产品所必需的所有设备。为了对产品进行噪音测试,Marzocchi Pompe还准备了一个专门的无回声室,还有一些列用来测试产品耐久性的产品测试台,无论是标准化产品还是定制产品,都会进行相关检测。Marzocchi Pompe的产品研发部还有一些列质量测试台用来和竞争对手的产品进行对比测试。Marzocchi Pompe还有两个气候条件室用来进行高温和低温下的产品测试。

对于Marzocchi Pompe而言,客户绝对是公司活动和能力的评价者。

产品的质量,及时有效的运输和对来自客户无论是咨询还是项目发展上的及时回应,建立在这些基础上的客户服务,是Marzocchi Pompe企业战略的核心环节。

50年来,Marzocchi Pompe在具有鲜明特色的不同的生产活动中不断发展,这使得它成为了外齿轮泵和马达市场上最重要的品牌之一 。

这些竞争优势不仅在产品上,也在客户服务上增加了Marzocchi Pompe的品牌价值:

- Marzocchi Pompe公司生产部门关键组成部分的高度垂直集成化,即使仅提供1件产品,也能保证最佳的产品质量;
- 专注的态度和专业的技术保证Marzocchi Pompe能够为集成化和工业化的解决方案,提供最广阔的产品选择范围; 
- 大量的生产和强大的生产能力使得Marzocchi Pompe可以向顾客提供极具竞争力的价格;
- 贴近客户,是Marzocchi Pompe所有活动和服务的宗旨。 

Marzocchi Pompe SPA is a company that is dedicated to the exclusive designing, manufacturing and selling of external gear pumps and motors for high performance. Founded in 1961, it is still solidly in the hands of the Marzocchi family which holds the majority of shares and is present with the two cousins Adriano (chairman) and Paolo in the Board of Directors that are the sons of the two brothers  that founded the factory​​.

The Company is a leading manufacturer and the Marzocchi Pompe’s name has become an unquestioned synonym of high reliability and quality. Marzocchi Pompe is specialized in micro hydraulics but in the same time has an extended range of products to cover all the standard needs of the market in terms of displacement, flanges, shafts and porting.

Besides Marzocchi Pompe is interested in the continuous development of the product aimed at satisfying new demands from the Customer or market, such as low noise and energy saving products.

The entire production is developed in Italy and only in Italy. We are proud to use the MADE IN ITALY brand as a synonym of quality and excellence.

Marzocchi Pompe is extremely focused on the reference product and therefore needs to also focus on its activities of research and development for such products, innovating and expanding the range as well as customising it based on customer requirements. This activity requires both high skilled human resources and state-of-the-art equipment. The Research and Development Department makes use of the most sophisticated design software and fluid dynamics simulation. In addition, all the necessary equipment to develop, certify and validate new products, which are then launched on the market, are also present within the research and development laboratories. In order to perform noise tests an anechoic chamber is available as well as several endurance test benches that are used for life tests both on standard and personalized products. The R&D department counts on several qualification test benches used for new products and comparative analysis vs the competitor. Two climatic chambers are also available to perform high and low temperature testing.

Marzocchi Pompe has always put the quality of its Organisational System and its products at the forefront of its strategic objectives.

It would not be possible to sustain its position as a market leader in self-manufacturing of all critical components in an industrialised European country without aiming to reach states of excellence in its processes with maximum effort.

This, together with a particular attention to project requirements and specifications of the customer, is what has led Marzocchi to obtain indicators of product quality and service at very high levels.

The companies of the group are ISO 9000 certified.

Download ISO certificate here /sites/default/files/Cert%20Iso%209001_Rev.7.pdf

Last March 2017 our NEPLA plant obtained the ISO TS 16949 certification aimed to define the standard to supply the Automotive Industry Customers.

For Marzocchi Pompe, the customer is the absolute judge of the company's activities and capabilities.

Customer service is a focal point in the Marzocchi Pompe strategy and it is based on product quality, timeliness and reliability of deliveries, speed of response to queries from the Customer whether related to quotes or to project development.

Specific internal indicators to measure such performances are discussed and evaluated in all meetings with employees and all management reviews, and then guiding the most appropriate corrective actions.

Marzocchi Pompe developed along its 50 years of activity several distinctive features that have allowed it to stand out as one of the leading brands in the market of external gear pumps and motors.

These competencies enable Marzocchi Pompe to add value not only to the Product but also to Service provided to their Customers:

- The high vertical integration which allows the manufacture within the Company of all the key components to ensure only the best quality of the product no matter if the supply is of just 1 or 1000 units
- The focus and the know-how to be able to always ensure the widest range of products as well as integrated and industrialized solutions. 
- The achievement of a critical mass and a high production capacity to guarantee the most competitive prices to the Customer;
- The closeness to the Customer, which is the Center of all activities and the service of Marzocchi Pompe


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MARZOCCHI POMPE 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!


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MARZOCCHI POMPE 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!
MARZOCCHI POMPE 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!