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OMAL提供全系列阀门,可提供类型 - 自由轴,带杠杆或由我们的执行器激活。 OMAL阀门的设计和制造满足了行业所有领域的大多数应用。




“赋权”的概念体现了OMAL世界的每个阶段:内部生产过程和意大利制造标签保证了最高质量。 OMAL的手工呼叫确保在设计和生产阶段更加关注细节,在服务和响应客户需求方面具有极大的灵活性。承诺改进是在价值链的每个环节中表现出OMAL的特征。提供给客户并由供应商获得的这一价值始终集中在产品上,不仅基于经济参数,还基于服务,质量,创新,安全性和可持续性。此外,OMAL承诺尊重其所属的领土,投资于环境可持续性和企业社会责任。


OMAL成立于1981年,由一群专业从事球阀加工和生产的企业家组成。创始人Agostino Bonomi先生在Polaveno的Val Trompia开始了他的活动。这些年来他非凡的业务技能,预测了工业用产品的自动化和定制化的未来重要性。


OMAL offers a complete range of valves, types available - free axis, with lever or activated by our actuators. The OMAL valves are designed and manufactured to meet most of the applications, in all sectors of the industry.

Our competence and professionalism is evident in the valves and actuators we produce for specific purposes, in our custom-fit service to Clients, and is characterised by a strong ethical spirit which guarantees absolute quality and results achieved in all the markets we operate in, such as: the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, power and energy, naval sectors, and many more.

OMAL designs and produces minimum-size industrial valves and actuators with the aim of improving and boosting the performance of production plants. This commitment steers the company, from the design phase to the installation of plant products.

This process is also a precise choice: from the very first creative sparks of project design up to the actual installation of our products in plant operations. We try to empower every single moment of processes.

The concept of “empowerment” imbues every phase of the OMAL world: the in-house production process and Made in Italy label guarantees top quality. OMAL’s artisanal calling ensures greater care for details in the design and production phases, great flexibility in serving and responding to our clients’ needs. Commitment to improvement characterises OMAL in every link of the value chain. This value offered to the clientele and acquired by the suppliers has always to be focused on the product, and based not only on economic parameters, but also that of service, quality, innovation, safety and sustainability. OMAL moreover undertakes to respect the territory it is part of, investing in environmental sustainability and entrepreneurial social responsibility.

This is what our corporate motto, “Empowered Performance,” stands for and is integrated with the OMAL values: respect, passion and sense of duty.

OMAL was established in 1981 by a family of entrepreneurs specialised in the processing and production of ball valves. The founder, Mr. Agostino Bonomi started his activities in Val Trompia, Polaveno. His extraordinary business skill in those years, lay in forecasting the future importance of automation and customisation of products intended for industrial use.

The daring choice and investment in teams of technicians and engineers specialising in the design of valves for different applications and types of Clients, turned out to be a trump card. This was the most effective response to the most complex technical demands. An important warranty of higher than the average performance. The strategy of the differentiated business model of OMAL allowed for the company’s growth and launch in the foreign market, firstly in Germany.


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OMAL 供应商 免费推广 您也可以在此展示,免费!
OMAL 供应商 免费推广 您也可以在此展示,免费!


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OMAL 供应商 免费推广 您也可以在此展示,免费!
OMAL 供应商 免费推广 您也可以在此展示,免费!