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P-DUKE 博大科技股份有限公司自1992年成立以来,即聚焦于电源供应器产业及相关产品之研究、发展、生产、销售与服务,并以「P-DUKE」自有品牌营销国内及欧、美、日等国际市场,累积雄厚技术实力及产品知名度,并成为多家世界知名大厂的重要联盟合作伙伴,占居举足轻重之位。

为维持在电源供应器产业质量的领导地位,承诺提供满足客户需求的产品及服务,P-DUKE 博大科技透过「全员品保」、落实「创新 改善 追求卓越」的质量政策,提高公司的竞争优势及客户最大满意度。

P-DUKE 博大科技持续透过多元方式掌握产业变化脉动,并积极落实「3S」的品牌承诺。
我们的产品线齐全,从各种标准型态、客户订制型态以至于终端系统产品之相关应用设计工程服务,均可满足客户的需求、放大对客户的服务广度,也深化P-DUKE 博大科技与客户间伙伴关系维系的依存深度。

启动世界 电源解决方案创新者

P-DUKE 博大科技致力于研发人员之培育,引进先进技术并累积多年经验,并辅以最先进之研发仪器及计算机辅助设计(CAD),使期研发之成果已达世界水平。
P-DUKE 博大科技已取得ISO 9001质量管理系统认证及美国UL、欧洲TUV、CE之产品认证,产品并取得多项设计及制程专利,医疗产品更于2014年、2015年皆获得台北国际电子展之创新产品优选奖。
P-DUKE 博大科技拥有优秀的研发技术团队,除开发高功(效)率密度、环保概念之电源产品,亦致力更多元化产品种类的开发研究,以推升设计产品规格之适用领域完整性及广面性。
P-DUKE 博大科技与客户同步开发规格品,加强与国外厂商技术交流及技术转移合作并强化技术能力及专业领域,随时掌握产业变化脉动,提高客户依存(赖)度。 P-DUKE 博大科技不只是提供产品与服务,我们提供的是「解决方案」。

最终坚持 绿色电源厂

制程优化 - 作业流程及作业人员密度的有效降低,降低消耗并节约能源。
设计生态化 - 降低或至避免产品中环境关联物质(如碳足迹、水足迹或冲突金属)的使用,保护环境。
P-DUKE 博大科技致力落实从绿色设计、绿色制程、绿色采购至导入终至绿色产品之服务理想。

全球化运筹 在地化经营

P-DUKE 博大科技将持续秉持『Global View、Local Touch』的发展方向,深耕于电源产品的创新改造以建立更应用多样化及规格完整的产品线,并建设更务实的「P-DUKE」营销服务体系。

Founded in 1992, P-DUKE 100% concentrated on the research, development, production, sales and service of DC/DC Converters and related products. With products sold under our own brand name, P-DUKE to Europe, America, and Japan, we accumulate great skills through years of experience and open up better product awareness which leads to further cooperation with world-famous companies, making P-DUKE an important role in the global market.

As one of the leading companies in power supply business, to maintain the excellent quality of our products and to fulfill the commitments toward customers, P-DUKE executes the quality policy of “All as QC”, which aims at improving competitive advantage and customer satisfaction.

Through multiple methods, P-DUKE keeps following up the ever-changing pulse of power industry, and performs our 3S commitments to the highest. 
We provide a full range of product line, from standard types to customized products.
Even the application engineering service of the final product systems is also our forte.
What we have and what we do is exactly what you need, and this is why P-DUKE makes an irreplaceable role among customers and partners.

Power the World, the Innovator of Power Solutions

P-DUKE devotes a lot of efforts in nurturing research staffs. We introduce latest technology skills along with the research instrument and CAD to our factory, making our researches to reach the world-class level.
We’ve acquired ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification, and safety approval of UL, TUV, and CE. Our products own many design and manufacturing process patents, and our medical product even won the Innovation Award of TAITRONICS in 2014 and 2015. 
P-DUKE has an excellent R & D team. In addition to develop products of high power density and green concept, we also put efforts on researches and developments for multiple kinds of products in order to enhance the completeness of the product specification.
We open up and develop new standard products with customers, which offers better opportunities for technical interaction and technology transfer cooperation with foreign companies. With new acquired technology and skills, it is easier for us to keep up the ever-changing pulse of power industry, increasing customers’ dependences to us.
P-DUKE is not just providing products and services to our customers. We provide “SOLUTIONS”.

We Insist on Eco-Power

Process improvement-Reducing the density of workers and simplify the production process in order to lower the energy consumption.
Eco design- Reducing and avoiding the usage of environment damaged materials to protect the natural environment. (Such as Carbon footprint, Water footprint, Conflict minerals)
P-DUKE puts the idea of Eco-design, Eco production, Eco procurement ultimately into the reality of green service.

Global Logistic, Local Management

We expand our own brand, P-DUKE through various marketing channels to construct a worldwide network. Apart from stabilizing the existing markets,P-DUKE operates strategy management on Niche markets by changing from distribution to local direct selling.
With the faith we hold, “Global Logistic, Local Management”, we’ll keep pushing new innovations toward power modules and therefore creating a full range of product line.


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P-DUKE 供应商 免费推广 您也可以在此展示,免费!
P-DUKE 供应商 免费推广 您也可以在此展示,免费!