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ProTek Devices是一家领先的半导体制造商,提供各种高性能TVS保护产品。凭借超过25年的工程和制造经验,我们为所有电子设备/系统提供特定应用解决方案。

在超过25年的业务中,ProTek Devices™是一家私营半导体公司。ProTek Devices公司提供过压保护和过流保护组件的产品线。这些包括瞬态电压抑制器阵列(TVS阵列),雪崩击穿二极管,转向二极管TVS阵列,PPTC器件和电子SMD芯片保险丝。这些组件可在各种电子系统中提供电路保护以防雷击;静电放电(ESD);核电磁脉冲(NEMP);感应开关;和电磁干扰/射频干扰(EMI / RFI)。 ProTek Devices还提供用于ESD保护的LED晶圆芯片;射频和相关的高频产品。

1992年,ProTek Devices从Square D公司收购了General Semiconductor,Inc。(GSI)的Tempe,Arizona业务。通过收购GSI的高质量商用和军用TVS组件系列,以及开发各种新型高性能瞬态电压抑制产品,ProTek Devices已成为公认的行业领导者。凭借稳步创新,ProTek Devices公司已开发出广泛而多样化的产品线,包括板级表面贴装阵列;到售后兆瓦级模块系统。


ProTek Devices的主要客户遍及电信,消费电子,计算机,工业,医疗和航空/军事市场,其产品在全球范围内销售给OEM和电子分销商。


ProTek Devices高素质且经过认证的员工包括一些业内最优秀的工程人才。ProTek Devices的许多工程师都是IEEE,NEMA,JC-13,JC-22和IEC以及其他行业协会的活跃成员,并为形成浪涌抑制方法的现行标准,规范和电气规范作出了重大贡献。

ProTek Devices开创了许多创新的TVS产品,为质量,可靠性和性能设定了基准。这是由于ProTek Devices对瞬态环境的深入了解以及制造世界级质量设备的能力。ProTek Devices在设计和制造产品时采用最新技术,将二十多年的工程和制造经验汇集到瞬态和浪涌保护领域。此外,ProTek Devices正在进行的开发计划正在产生满足并超越当今最苛刻要求的新产品设计。

ProTek Devices is a leading semiconductor manufacturer of a wide range of high-performance TVS protection products. With over 25 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, we offer application specific solutions for all electronic equipment/systems.

In business more than 25 years, ProTek Devices™ is a privately held semiconductor company. The company offers a product line of overvoltage protection and overcurrent protection components. These include transient voltage suppressor arrays (TVS arrays), avalanche breakdown diodes, steering diode TVS arrays, PPTC devices, and electronics SMD chip fuses. These components deliver circuit protection in various electronic systems against lightning; electrostatic discharge (ESD); nuclear electromagnetic pulses (NEMP); inductive switching; and electromagnetic interference / radio frequency interference (EMI / RFI). ProTek Devices also offers LED wafer die for ESD protection; RF and related high frequency products.

In 1992, ProTek Devices acquired the Tempe, Arizona operations of General Semiconductor, Inc. (GSI) from the Square D Company. By acquiring GSI's line of high quality commercial and military TVS assemblies, and developing a wide range of new high performance transient voltage suppression products, ProTek has become a recognized industry leader.  With steady innovation, the company has developed a broad and diversified product line ranging from board-level, surface mount arrays; to after-market megawatt module systems.


ProTek Devices' major customers are in the telecommunications, consumer electronics, computing, industrial, medical and aerospace/military markets, and its products are sold worldwide both to OEM and Electronic Distributors.

Our Expertise

ProTek's highly qualified and accredited staff includes some of the industry's best engineering talent.  Many of our engineers are active members of IEEE, NEMA, JC-13, JC-22 and IEC and other industry associations, and have contributed significantly to the formation of current standards, specifications and electrical codes for surge suppression methodology.

ProTek has pioneered many innovative TVS products which set benchmarks for quality, reliability and performance.  This is due to our in-depth understanding of the transient environment, and the capability to manufacture World Class Quality devices.  We utilize the latest technologies in the design and fabrication of our products, bringing together more than two decades of engineering and manufacturing experience to fields of transient and surge protection. In addition, ProTek's ongoing development program is yielding new products designs which meet and exceed today's most demanding requirements.


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