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SES-STERLING的套管,套管,注塑和模制电缆密封套设计用于保护和隔离电缆。 SES-STERLING为每种应用提供色带和标签卡,标记带,标记环和众多电缆识别解决方案。 SES-STERLING的各种电缆线槽,线夹和电缆扎带用于固定和固定电缆。最后,SES-STERLING提供完整系列的接线工具,以完美安装我们的所有产品。

与当地经销商代理的反应性合作伙伴合作,并在德国,比利时,英国和瑞士设有子公司。由于我们的大容量存储空间,SES-STERLING可以确保最佳的交付时间。 SES-STERLING还通过了ISO 9001认证,通过不断控制产品,从实验室制造的材料混合物到成品包装,确保始终如一的质量。


SES-STERLING集团的持久稳定发展,很大程度上归功于其家族结构。该公司由Ernst Hess先生于1928年创立,他将其传给了他的儿子Marcel Hess先生,他自己将其传给了他的儿子Claude Hess先生。 SES-STERLING一代又一代地继续通过其创始家族的创业DNA来丰富。

SES-STERLING成立的三个边界(法国,德国,瑞士)的领土一直是一股力量。 SES-STERLING在阿尔萨斯的成立使该公司具有国际影响力和强大的地域特征。这种锚地也是100%在法国制造,100%在阿尔萨斯制造,以帮助建立整个领土的专业知识。 SES-STERLING与阿尔萨斯品牌于2016年建立了合作伙伴关系,正式确立了这一承诺。此后,“心脏”徽标与公司每种通信媒体上的SES-STERLING徽标一起推广。

SES-STERLING, an industrial group founded in 1928

Manufacturer of cable accessories
All around the cable
SES-STERLING specialise in the processing of plastics and rubber. So we develop, produce and market wiring accessories.

SES-STERLING's sleeves, sleeving, injected and moulded cable glands are designed to protect and isolate cables. SES-STERLING offers ribbon and label cards, marking tapes, marker rings and numerous cable identification solutions for each application. SES-STERLING's wide variety of cable trunking, clamps and cable ties are used to house and secure cables. Finally, SES-STERLING offers a complete range of wiring tools for the perfect installation of all our products.

Trusting SES-STERLING is …
Work with a reactive partner that is represented worldwide by local distributors and has subsidiaries in Germany, Belgium, Great Britain and Switzerland. Thanks to our large storage capacity, SES-STERLING's can ensure optimal delivery times. SES-STERLING is also ISO 9001 certified and ensure consistent quality by constantly controlling their products, from mixtures of materials made in the laboratory to finished products, packaged.

SES-STERLING values: Expertise, family and territory
Their values: Expertise, family and territory
Expertise in the field of cabling
SES-STERLING is a company that has evolved its expertise over its nearly 90 years of activity. This success depends first and foremost on working closely with the electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic cable market actors to understand the requirements of tomorrow. Then it is the deep desire to innovate that has allowed the company to go through nine decades. Listening to our customers and the desire to innovate have enabled us to develop our expertise and the confidence of their customers since 1928.

A family business
The durability and especially the stability of the SES-STERLING group are strongly due to its family structure. The company was created in 1928 by Mr. Ernst Hess who passed it on to his son Mr. Marcel Hess, who himself passed it on to his son, Mr. Claude Hess. From generation to generation SES-STERLING continues to be enriched by the entrepreneurial DNA of its founding family.

A strong territorial anchorage
The territory of the three frontiers (France, Germany, Switzerland) where SES-STERLING was founded has always been a force. SES-STERLING's establishment in Alsace gave the company an international presence and a strong territorial identity. This anchorage is also a 100% made in France and 100% made in Alsace to help build the expertise of a whole territory. This commitment was formalised by the partnership between SES-STERLING and the Alsace brand in 2016. Since then « A heart » logo is promoted alongside the SES-STERLING logo on each communication medium of the company.


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SES-STERLING 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!
SES-STERLING 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!