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SOC fuse

SOC fuse

SOC公司是一家全球保险丝制造商,致力于研究和开发可靠的电路保护装置。 SOC响应其全球客户在技术创新前沿的需求。

50多年来,SOC不断响应客户对技术创新前沿的要求。 SOC制造并提供最高质量和最佳性能的保险丝和其他电子电路保护装置。


SOC Corporation于1958年11月27日在东京成立,作为San-O Industrial Corporation。 San-O在日语中的意思是“三王”,源于SOC的创始精神,即为客户,股东和员工提供最大的价值。



当时的工程师们都知道电视保险丝经常爆炸,因为当电视机接通电源并为电容器电路充电时,大的过渡电流流过几毫秒。该电流可能达到60 A的最大浪涌波形,这是当时单个直线元件保险丝无法处理的。 SOC发明了一种伤口熔断元件,它不会因浪涌电流而受到冲击,但会产生潜在危险的电流。从彩色电视开始,本发明为所有电子设备开辟了一个时代,其中不再需要备用保险丝。




以其原始公司名称中的第一个字母开头,San-O Industrial Corporation于1983年4月将自己更名为SOC公司。同年,SOC通过开发微型电脑,为即将到来的手持电子产品时代的电路小型化做出了贡献。有线索。


1987年,SOC开始生产世界上第一台表面贴装型保险丝(MCF系列)。 1994年,SOC开发出一种超小型玻璃管保险丝(SHV系列),额定电压为400 V,长度为20 mm,直径为5 mm。 2001年,SOC成功开发出一种惊人的小型保险丝(28CDA),能够断开AC 600 V / 60 A的短路电流,这是Telcordia GR规定的主要电力线故障接触。 1089-CORE二级交流电源故障,美国电信设备标准。

2002年,SOC成功地消除了其产品中的铅,以符合欧盟RoHS指令。 2006年,SOC开发了一种保险丝(DC500VBC1028),尽管它的尺寸相对较小,长度为28毫米,直径为10毫米,但能够断开DC 500 V / 100 A的电流。



SOC公司为其客户提供高可靠性的电路保护元件,具有出色的性能和质量。 SOC致力于履行其环保责任,追求零缺陷的目标。

Tochigi和Akita Factories都通过BSI符合ISO 9001:2000标准。

SOC Corporation is a global fuse manufacturer, dedicated to the research and development of reliable circuit protection devices. SOC responds to the demands of its worldwide customers at the forefront of technological innovation.

For over 50 years, SOC has continuously responded to the requests of its customers at the forefront of technological innovation. SOC manufactures and delivers fuses and other electronic circuit protection devices of the highest quality and best performance.

SOC continues to evolve, strengthening its global reliability.

SOC Corporation was established in Tokyo on November 27, 1958, as San-O Industrial Corporation. San-O means “Three Kings” in Japanese, and derives from SOC’s founding spirit of placing the utmost value on its customers, shareholders and employees.

At the time of SOC’s founding, fuse-elements were made of either alloys or pure metals. Alloys used included lead (Pb) and tin (Sn); pure metals included zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), and silver (Ag). Whatever they were made of, however, there was only ever one element per fuse.

Televisions in 1962 were in the midst of the transition from black and white to color sets. At that time, color televisions often had spare fuses attached to the rear of the set since their fuses tended to blow with great frequency.

The engineers of the time understood that television fuses frequently blew because of the large transitional current which flowed for several milliseconds when televisions were switched on and which charged the capacitor circuit. This current could reach a maximum surge waveform of 60 A, which could not be handled by the single straight-wire element fuses of the time. SOC invented a wound fuse-element which would not blow for surge currents, but would for currents which could be potentially dangerous. Starting with the color television, this invention ushered in an age for all electronic equipment wherein spare fuses were no longer necessary.

When appliances which require a large starting torque for their motor circuits (such as refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines) are switched on, a trapezoidal-shaped waveform with a large current flows through them. Up until 1975, the fuses which were used to deal with these large currents employed elements made of metals with low melting points, and took advantage of the mechanical function of springs. As a result, the fusing performances of these fuses varied widely. By winding the element around a ceramic core, SOC invented a new type of element, and with this invention began manufacturing time-delay fuses with extremely stable fusing performances.

Following the establishment of its first overseas subsidiary in New York, USA, in April 1975, SOC opened the Tochigi Factory in Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, in December 1978.

In the late 1970’s, the telephone entered the age of the electronic automatic exchange (EAX). As EAXs are computer-controlled, demand rose for quick-acting fuses to prevent damage from lightning strikes. Accepting a request from AT&T, SOC met this demand in 1980 with the development of the KS21505 (the SM Series) quick-acting fuse, which with an operation time of 10 μs was the world’s fastest quick-acting fuse.

Taking the first letters of the words in its original company name, San-O Industrial Corporation renamed itself SOC Corporation in April 1983. In that same year, SOC contributed to the miniaturization of circuits for the coming age of handheld electronics through the development of microfuses with leads.

SOC established sales offices in the Netherlands and Singapore in 1990, and began production at its newly opened factory in Akita Prefecture, Japan.

In 1987, SOC began production of the world’s first surface mount type fuses (the MCF Series). In 1994 SOC developed a sub-miniature glass tube fuse (the SHV Series) with a rated voltage of 400 V and a size of 20 mm in length and 5 mm in diameter. And in 2001, SOC succeeded in the development of an astonishingly small fuse (the 28CDA) capable of breaking a short-circuit current of AC 600 V / 60 A, which is the assumed fault contact for primary power lines as stipulated in Telcordia GR-1089-CORE Second-Level AC Power Fault, an American telecommunications equipment standard.

In 2002, SOC succeeded in eliminating lead from its products in order to comply with the EU RoHS Directive. In 2006, SOC developed a fuse (the DC500VBC1028) which was capable of breaking a current of DC 500 V / 100 A despite its relatively small size of 28 mm in length and 10 mm in diameter.

SOC is currently answering requests from the automobile industry for the development of fuses to protect their next generation circuits.

SOC is committed to delivering fuses with the world’s greatest capabilities and highest quality.

SOC Corporation delivers to its customers highly reliable components for circuit protection with outstanding performance and quality. SOC is committed to fulfilling its responsibility for environmental protection and pursuing its goal of zero defects.

Both Tochigi and Akita Factories comply with ISO 9001:2000 via BSI.


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