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THAT corporation

THAT corporation

THAT Corporation的使命是以模拟集成电路或许可电视音频知识产权的形式为设计工程师提供一流的技术解决方案。THAT Corporation通过精心设计,创新设计,注重质量的制造和卓越的客户服务来实现这一目标。

THAT Corporation总部位于马萨诸塞州,在东京和硅谷设有办事处,以其在整个专业音频行业中使用的集成电路压控放大器(VCA)系列而闻名。

THAT Corporation由世界知名音频工程公司dbx,Inc.的高级经理和工程师于1989年4月创立,该公司的开发包括首个高性能集成VCA,获得艾美奖的BTSC dbx-tv降噪技术,以及第一个集成的20位模数转换器。高级管理团队的创始人和其他人参与了这些成就,并将创新和工程卓越的传统作为THAT Corporation理念和文化的一个组成部分。

THAT Corporation正专注于模拟音频输入和输出IC的当前设计工作,以补充我们的电压控制放大器,均方根检波器和模拟引擎。这些元件设计采用“介质隔离”(DI)制造,这是一种先进的工艺技术,可提供更高的器件到器件击穿电压,更好的单个晶体管之间的隔离以及更快的速度。这一领域的需求,加上公司希望控制质量,上市时间以及IC生产各个阶段的基础工艺变量,导致收购了自己的半导体制造工厂。

这家四英寸晶圆代工厂为THAT Corporation提供了唯一一家专注于高性能音频组件的I​​C生产设施。该工厂及其位于加利福尼亚州米尔皮塔斯的相关办事处使其在硅谷和西海岸拥有强大的影响力,其中许多主要客户都位于硅谷和西海岸。

THAT Corporation拥有广泛的电视音频技术专利组合,包括用于电视音频广播和接收的降噪技术的关键专利。该公司从向全球编码器和解码器的消费电子产品和IC制造商(包括环太平洋地区的编码器和解码器)的许可中获得了大量收入,并在日本东京设有办事处,以管理其在该地区的业务。它为所有传统电视音频标准授权数字Verilog®代码:BTSC,NICAM,A2,EIA-J和FM Stereo,包括许多这些系统的专业级和消费级编码和解码技术。我们的许可证包括获得我们广泛的专利组合以及最先进的实验室设施。

THAT Corporation专注于音频电子产品的高质量工程。通过其集成电路产品,该公司为整个专业音频社区的福利和知识基础做出贡献。我们是音频行业活动的积极参与者。 THAT Corporation继续为全球领先的专业音频和工业制造商提供最好的集成和许可电子产品。

THAT Corporation’s mission is to provide best-in-class technology solutions to design engineers in the form of analog integrated circuits or as licensed TV-audio intellectual property. We accomplish this through a combination of careful, innovative designs, quality-conscious manufacturing and superior customer service.

The company is headquartered in Massachusetts, with offices in Tokyo and Silicon Valley, and is best known for its line of integrated circuit voltage controlled amplifiers (VCAs) used throughout the professional audio industry.

The company was founded in April of 1989 by senior managers and engineers from dbx, Inc., the world-renowned audio engineering company whose developments included the first high-performance integrated VCA, Emmy-award winning BTSC dbx-tv Noise Reduction technology, and the first integrated 20-bit analog-to-digital converter. The founders and others within the senior management team participated in these accomplishments, and have made this heritage of innovation and engineering excellence an integral part of THAT Corporation's philosophy and culture.

THAT Corporation is concentrating its current design efforts specifically on analog audio input and output ICs to complement our voltage controlled amplifiers, rms detectors and Analog Engines. These components are designed to be manufactured using "dielectric isolation" (DI) fabrication, an advanced process technology that provides higher device-to-device breakdown voltages, better isolation between individual transistors, and faster speeds. THAT's requirements in this area, coupled with the company's desire to control quality, time to market, and the underlying process variables in all phases of its IC production, led to the acquisition of its own semiconductor fabrication facility.
This four-inch wafer foundry gives THAT Corporation the only IC production facility focused primarily on high-performance audio components. The fab and its associated offices in Milpitas, California give THAT a strong presence in Silicon Valley and the West Coast in general, where many of its major customers are located.

THAT Corporation holds an extensive patent portfolio in TV audio technology, including key patents covering noise reduction technology for use in TV audio broadcast and reception. The company derives significant income from the licensing of this technology to consumer electronics and IC manufacturers of encoders and decoders worldwide, including those in the Pacific Rim, and has an office in Tokyo, Japan to manage its business in that region. THAT licenses digital Verilog® code for all legacy TV audio standards: BTSC, NICAM, A2, EIA-J and FM Stereo, including professional- and consumer-grade encoding and decoding technology for many of these systems. Our licenses include access to our extensive patent portfolio, as well as state-of-the-art lab facilities.

THAT Corporation maintains a focus on high-quality engineering for audio electronics. Through its integrated circuit products, the company contributes to the welfare and knowledge base of the entire pro audio community. We are an active participant in audio industry activities. THAT Corporation continues to provide the best of integrated and licensed electronics to leading professional audio and industrial manufacturers worldwide.


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THAT corporation 供应商 免费推广 您也可以在此展示,免费!

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THAT corporation 供应商 免费推广 您也可以在此展示,免费!
THAT corporation 供应商 免费推广 您也可以在此展示,免费!