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UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors)是一家全球通信、雷达、射频系统的MMIC和电子晶圆供应商,主要服务于航空、通信、汽车雷达、工业、仪器等市场。此外,UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors)还是全球领先的GaN、GaAs工艺微波元件供应商。UMS的微波通信芯片覆盖L、S、C及以上波段,并提供微波频段的PA、LNA、VGA、SWITCH等的组合解决方案,真正的做到了产品全、覆盖广。

在汽车市场,UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors)推出的24G雷达收发芯片CHC2442-QPG拥有业界唯一的GaAs工艺,出货量全世界第一,占世界市场份额60%以上,是当之无愧的雷达收发芯片行业领头羊。

UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors)基于公司的内部III-V技术和提供全面的代工服产品方案。


这些技术及其相关的工艺设计套件(PDK)“非常强大,经过广泛验证,并通过在内部产品中的使用保持最新。它们使客户能够在大多数设计中实现首次成功。强大的合作伙伴关系在与是德科技和AWR合作,提供应对设计挑战所需的最新工具。还提供全面的技术使用培训,并在整个设计周期内提供密切支持,从选择最合适的技术到最终交付.UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors)还为晶圆代工合作伙伴提供一系列后端服务,包括晶圆测试,芯片分类,目视检查,封装以及已知良好模具或封装的交付。

持续和以客户为导向的创新是UMS持续成功的核心。 UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors)与欧洲许多主要研发中心和大学建立了牢固的关系,积极参与许多先进和协作开发,以创造未来市场所需的技术和产品。

UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors)在为要求最苛刻的市场提供高质量产品方面享有盛誉,并且通过ISO 9001,ISO 14001和ISO TS16949认证。 UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors)III·V internai技术的大部分被批准用于空间使用,并构成ESA EPPL列表的一部分。

UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors)成立于1996年,是Thales和Airbus Defense and Space GmbH的合资企业,提供欧洲III-V技术和产品来源。
UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors)在德国乌尔姆和法国Villebon / Yvette(总部)设有工业设施,在美国马萨诸塞州伯灵顿和中国上海设有销售办事处。

UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors)服务于全球以下主要市场:

 - 国防与太空,
 - 电信,
 - 汽车雷达,
 - 工业应用
 - 仪器仪表

UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors)的使命

 - 为全球市场提供独立的最先进的“欧洲”GaAs,GaN和SiGe MMIC以及GaAs和GaN代工服务
 - 成为通信,雷达,电子战和射频系统的MMIC解决方案的全球提供商

满意的客户是United Monolithic Semiconductors所有功能和运营的首要任务。

UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors)致力于提供旨在满足客户要求的产品和服务,并在交付时间,价格和性能方面具有竞争力。

为实现这一目标,UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors)致力于不断改进所有流程,并不断发展我们的能力和资源。

我在此承诺,符合ISO 9001,TS16949和14001标准要求的UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors)质量和环境管理系统是实现该政策的主要工具。

整个UMS管理团队(United Monolithic Semiconductors)致力于支持和实施“质量与环境管理手册”中包含的指令。

UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors)质量与环境经理有责任和权威:

 - 确保建立,实施,维护和持续改进质量和环境管理系统所需的过程,
 - 向管理团队报告质量与环境管理体系的绩效和有效性,包括需要改进的领域,
 - 提高整个UMS对客户整体需求的认识,
 - 通过在适当的流程上设置“停止订单”来防止交付有缺陷的产品或服务的任何风险。

UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors) has a comprehensive offer based on the supply of either ASIC or catalogue products, in the main based on the Company's internal III-V technologies and through the provision of a comprehensive foundry service, allowing customers to directly create their own product solutions.

The full range of catalogue products from DC to 1OOGHz is based on GaAs, GaN and SiGe technologies and encompasses power amplifiers up to 200W, mixed signal functions, very low noise amplifiers and complete transceiver systems. These products are offered in die form but are more commonly packaged and in multichip module form.
ln-house GaAs and GaN processes provide the technology platform to allow the design of leading edge products and form the basis of foundry service offer to external design centres.

These technologies and their associated Process Design Kits (PDK) "are very robust, extensively proven and kept up to date through their use in internal products. They enable customers to achieve first-pass success for the majority of their designs. Strong partnerships are in place with Keysight Technology and AWR to provide the latest tools needed to address their design challenges. Comprehensive training in the use of the technologies is also provided along with close support throughout the whole design cycle, from the selection of the most appropriate technology through to the final delivery. UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors) also provides a range of back end services to foundry partners including on wafer testing, die sorting, visual inspection, packaging and the delivery of known good dies or packages.

Continuous and customer led innovation is at the heart of UMS' continuing success. UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors) has strong relationships with many of the major R/D centres and Universities throughout Europe, actively participating in many advanced and collaborative developments to create the technologies and products needed for future markets.

UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors) has a reputation for and a long heritage of supplying high quality products to the most demanding markets and is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO TS16949. The majority of the UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors) III·V internai technologies are approved for Space use and form part of the ESA EPPL list.

UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors)  was created in 1996, as a joint venture of Thales and Airbus Defence and Space GmbH, to provide a European source of III-V technologies and products.
UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors) has industrial facilities in Ulm, Germany and Villebon / Yvette, France (headquarters), and sales offices in Burlington, MA USA and Shanghaï, China.

UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors) is serving the following main markets around the world :

- Defense & Space,
- Telecom,
- Automotive Radar,
- Industrial applications
- Instrumentation

Missions of UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors)

- To offer independent state-of-the-art  "European" GaAs, GaN and SiGe MMICs and GaAs and GaN foundry services to the world-wide market
- To be a global provider of MMICs solutions for Communication, Radar, Electronic Warfare and RF Systems

Satisfied Customers are the top priority for all of the functions and operations of United Monolithic Semiconductors.

UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors) is committed to offering products and services designed to meet the requirements of our Customers, and which are competitive in terms of delivery time, price and performance.

To reach this objective, UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors) is committed to the continuous improvement of all processes and the continuous evolution of our competences and resources.

I hereby undertake that the UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors) Quality & Environment Management System, which complies with the standards requirements of ISO 9001, TS16949 & 14001 is the principle tool to realize this policy.

The entire Management Team of UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors) is committed to supporting and implementing the directives contained in the Quality & Environment Management Manual.

UMS(United Monolithic Semiconductors) Quality & Environment Manager has the responsibility and authority:

- to ensure that the processes required for the Quality & Environment Management System are established, implemented, maintained and continuously improved,
- to report to the Management team on the performance and the effectiveness of the Quality & Environment Management System, including area where improvements are required,
- to promote awareness of the overall needs of Customers throughout UMS,
- to prevent any risk of the delivery of defective products or services by placing a 'stop order' on the appropriate process.


UMS 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!
UMS 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!
UMS 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!


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UMS 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!
UMS 供应商 1元1天百度见 您也可以在此展现,7天免费体验!