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Viking Pump是IDEX公司的一个部门,在设计和制造旋转式正排量泵方面处于世界领先地位,可用于一些最棘手的应用。自1911年以来,Viking Pump的创新产品成为几乎所有行业成功运营的关键因素 - 从军事,食品和饮料到化学品,燃料和塑料 - 可靠地泵送薄,厚,热,冷,液体,固体的材料,等等

Viking Pump提供各种泵型号,尺寸和成分,以及定制的,适合用途的选项,以满足您最严格的要求。但是,这不仅仅是从目录中选择泵。为了提供最高质量的结果并确保为正确的应用提供合适的泵,Viking Pump的专业工程团队应用其积累的知识库和专业知识来执行:


Viking Pump新近扩展的实验室和3D打印功能简化了我们的测试和新产品开发实践,从而实现了更快,更高效的解决方案和测试。

此外,Viking Pump在世界各地拥有一个优秀的“本地”库存分销商网络,他们随时准备为您提供帮助。他们的团队成员由Viking Pump的工程师培训,以提供您所需的技术,服务和销售支持。他们还有专门的应用工程师来帮助您解决您的具体情况。直接联系这些授权经销商可以轻松高效地了解我们已经与他们分享了100多年的经验。


Viking Pump建立在Jens Nielsen发明的独特“齿轮内齿轮”泵送原理之上,Jens Nielsen于1870年从丹麦移民到爱荷华州的Cedar Falls。以下时间表描绘了Viking的历史发展历程和对历史事件的反应,成为今天的公司。

1904年|丹麦移民Jens Nielsen在目前位于Cedar Falls市中心的地区开发了一个采石场。当水开始进入采石场时,他开始开发他的原始泵的图纸。*在一名员工George“Shorty”Mathes的帮助下,第一台旋转内齿轮泵在同一年建成并获得专利。

1911年|尼尔森与三位丹麦移民P.C.合作。彼得森(机械师),W.L。 Hearst(一名医生)和George Wyth(鞋业推销员)组建Viking Pump Company ...以维京人命名,他们是北美第一批欧洲探险家。在第一年,他们制造了五十台泵,产生了两千美元的收入。

1920年代| Viking Pump由于成功满足了石油行业在铁路罐车运输方面的需求而经历了增长加速。这种需求使公司在大萧条时期及以后保持领先。

1930年代|石油加工导致对Viking Pumps产品的需求增加。在第二次世界大战期间,该公司赢得了政府合同,这些泵被用于多种军事应用,包括坦克和船只。

1950年代| Viking Pump扩大了其国际分销。该公司继续推出新产品以满足其客户的需求。

1970年代和1980年代| Viking Pump继续专注于扩张和创新,包括在爱尔兰香农开设制造工厂。

1989年| Viking Pump由IDEX公司购买,仍然是IDEX流体和计量部门的重要组成部分。

1990年代| Viking Pump通过收购Viking Pump Canada并任命其在中国的第一家经销商,进一步扩大了其在全球的业务。

今天|我们在全球七大洲200多个国家和地区进行Viking Pump的制造,销售和服务。

Viking Pump, a Unit of IDEX Corporation, leads the world in the design and manufacture of rotary Positive Displacement Pumps for use in some of the toughest applications. Since 1911, our innovative products have been key contributors to successful operations in virtually every industry—from military, to food and beverage, to chemicals, fuels and plastics—reliably pumping materials that are thin, thick, hot, cold, liquid, solid, etc.

We offer a wide range of pump models, sizes and composition, as well as customized, fit for purpose options, to meet your strictest requirements. But, it’s not just about selecting a pump from the catalog. To provide the highest quality results and ensure the right pump for the right application, our specialized Engineering team applies its accumulated knowledgebase and expertise to perform:

Site-specific problem-solving

Full product testing (performance, hydro, pneumatic, NPSHr, sound, and vibration)

Further testing, upon request (magnetic particle, dye penetrant, traceability, and positive material identification)

Liquid sample analysis (rheology testing and elastomeric compatibility)

Quality control of all finished products

Our newly expanded lab and 3-D printing capabilities streamline our testing and new product development practices, allowing for faster and more efficient solutions and testing.

Furthermore, we have an outstanding network of “local” stocking distributors around the world who are standing by to assist you. Their team members are trained by our engineers to provide the technical, service and sales support you need. They also have specialized application engineers to help with your particular situation. It’s easy and efficient to contact these authorized distributors directly with confidence in knowing we have shared our 100+ years of experience with them.


Viking Pump was founded on a unique “gear within a gear” pumping principle invented by Jens Nielsen, who emigrated from Denmark to Cedar Falls, Iowa in 1870. The following timeline charts the course of Viking’s successive developments and response to historical events, which led to becoming the company it is today.

1904 | Jens Nielsen, a Danish immigrant, developed a quarry in what is currently the downtown Cedar Falls area. When water started getting into the quarry, he began developing drawings of his original pump.* With the help of an employee, George “Shorty” Mathes, the first-ever rotary internal gear pump was built and patented in the same year.

1911 | Nielsen partnered with three fellow Danish immigrants P.C. Peterson (a machinist), W.L. Hearst (a doctor) and George Wyth (a shoe salesman) to form Viking Pump Company … named after the Vikings, who were the first European explorers of North America. In that first year, they manufactured fifty pumps, which generated revenues of two thousand dollars.

1920’s | Viking Pump experienced an acceleration in growth due to successfully meeting the needs of the oil industry in their efforts to transport by railroad tank car. This need enabled the company to stay ahead during the Great Depression and beyond.

1930’s | Petroleum processing led to a higher demand for Viking Pumps products. During WWII, the company won government contracts and the pumps were used in a multitude of military applications, including tanks and ships.

1950’s | Viking Pump expanded its international distribution. The company continued to launch new products in order to meet the needs of its customers.

1970’s and 1980’s | Viking Pump continued to focus on expansion and innovation, including the opening of a manufacturing facility in Shannon, Ireland.

1989 | Viking Pump was purchased by IDEX Corporation and is still a vital component of the IDEX Fluid and Metering division.

1990’s | Viking Pump furthered its world-wide presence, by acquiring Viking Pump Canada and appointing its first distributor in China.

Today | We have a global manufacturing, sales and service footprint with Viking pumps in over 200 countries and on all seven continents.


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VIKING PUMP 供应商 免费推广 您也可以在此展示,免费!