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Antenova M2M(英商安诺亚科技有限公司) 是一家英国天线公司,创立于2001年, 注册号为3835617。Antenova是高性能天线供应商的楚翘, 专注研发与生产用于无线M2M、物联网和消费电子产品的标准天线和射频天线模块。Antenova 的标准天线和射频天线解决方案可满足广泛的无线频段需求—GSM、CDMA、3G、4G、LTE、GPS、GLONASS、BEIDOU、Wi-Fi®、Bluetooth®、ZigBee®和ISM。

Antenova 在天线设计上的创新追求与卓越的服务使我们从竞争对手中脱颖而出。近年来Antenova 专注于全球快速增长的M2M 物联网市场,Antenova在智能家居、汽车、可穿戴设备、医疗、工业、安防、消费电子产品、智能城市、以及智能电网等主要领域的市场占有率稳定上升。

由于Antenova的产品高效率,低能耗,可靠性高,Antenova M2M 同时也是主要模块供应商和系统整合商的首选天线方案的提供商。

Antenova 的天线解决方案系列产品包括:



●天线客制设计服务 – Antenova不受限于单一设计的材料与方法,可以根据客户需求使用不同材质和设计方式,使天线性能达到最佳,例如使用FR4、陶瓷、冲压金属、FPC、塑件、LDS(雷雕)或其他先进天线材料与设计技术。


OTA 三维天线场型测量,主动与被动天线测量

天线的性能极易受到产品内环境的影响,除了提供多样性的高性能天线解决方案之外, Antenova专业的设计工程师不仅及时提供一流的技术服务和支持,还将协助客户将天线整合到产品设计中。

Antenova M2M 总部位于英国赫特福德郡,在台北有研发测试中心和全球物流中心, 在美国加利福尼亚设有技术和销售中心。此外,Antenova还在渥太华,加利福尼亚,台北和上海设有区域销售办事处。Antenova公司通过ISO9001:2008 认证。

Founded in 2001, Antenova M2M is a leading provider of high performing standard antennas and RF antenna modules for wireless M2M, IoT and consumer electronic devices. Our market proven ranges of antennas and RF antenna solutions are ideally suited for a broad range of wireless connectivity requirements – GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G, LTE, GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, ZigBee® and ISM.

It is our commitment to operational excellence and our innovation in antenna design that make us stand out from our competitors.  By focusing on our customers worldwide, and the demands of the rapidly growing M2M, IoT and connected consumer electronics markets, we have steadily gained market share in the key areas of Home Appliance, Automotive, Wearables, Healthcare, Industrial and Retail, Smart Cities and Smart Grid.

Antenova M2M is fast becoming the antenna provider of choice for leading module vendors and systems integrators. This is because our off-the-shelf antenna solutions provide the high efficiency, low power consumption and reliable performance that are required for wireless M2M, IoT and embedded electronic applications.


Antenova’s market leading antenna solutions include:

The ceriiANT; flexiiANT; lamiiAnt and gigaNOVA ranges of standard off-the-shelf antennas
The RADIONOVA range of RF antenna modules
Custom antenna design services – we are not limited by a single design methodology, we use the latest materials to provide the optimum performance in every customer’s design, whether it is FR4, ceramic, stamp metal, FPC, plastic carrier, LDS (Laser Direct Structuring) or any other advanced antenna technology.
We provide a step-by-step antenna design service that ensures our customers’ devices achieve the maximum wireless efficiency and comply with any approvals that are required. Our expert support covers every aspect of antenna design, including the use of our advanced CTIA approved chambers, test equipment and the latest simulation software tools. In particular, we can assist in the specialist areas of:

Architecture review and guidance
Gerber file review and PCB stack-up
Antenna matching
Return loss measurements
Antenna efficiency
360 degree rotating 3D radiation patterns
OTA (over the air) pre-compliance active testing to any network requirement
SAR testing
Active GNSS (global navigation satellite system) testing for TTFF (time to first fix) and CN (carrier to noise)
Every Antenova antenna is designed internally by our own dedicated team of engineers, and all of our engineers have years of experience designing small, embedded multi-band antennas that give high performance and excellent isolation across a vast range of wireless end devices.

Antennas are extremely sensitive, which means their performance can easily be compromised by their operating environment. So your choice of antenna should never be based just on the specifications in the datasheet.  This is where Antenova M2M makes a difference. We provide the broadest range of high-performance antenna solutions, and we combine this with first class, first hand technical support from our own expert antenna design engineers. The same engineers who design our antennas will also be supporting you as you integrate your chosen Antenova antenna into your product design.

Antenova M2M has its corporate and sales and marketing headquarters in Hertfordshire, UK. Our global manufacturing and technical support operations are based at our ISO9001:2008 certified facility in Taipei, and we provide sales and technical support to our US customers from our office in California. We also have regional sales support located in Ottawa, California, Taipei, and Shanghai.

Antenova Ltd is registered in England, No. 3835617, with its registered address being 3 New Street Square, London, EC4A 3TW. Antenova M2M is a trading name of Antenova Ltd.


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antenova 供应商 免费推广 您也可以在此展示,免费!


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antenova 供应商 免费推广 您也可以在此展示,免费!
antenova 供应商 免费推广 您也可以在此展示,免费!